Complete Clinic Management Software

Clinic Ace is web based software designed to go beyond just the clinic management side of your business. It’s designed to create an efficient, patient focused environment to keep your team on the same page with success and failure, while you manage your clinic, staff, contractors, patient satisfaction and new patient intake through comprehensive, real time reporting. Clinic Ace is the next evolutionary step in clinic efficiency as it’s customizable by you, tailoring itself to your needs and growing with you as you strive to create and maintain your practice.
  • With real time clinic management, financial tracking, marketing, goal setting and patient care wrapped up into one reporting and customer relationship management software, Clinic Ace provides automation and detailed functionality to help ensure success.

    Whether you’ve got one clinic or multiple clinics, Clinic Ace provides real time data with automated alerts so you can track your clinic’s success.

  • With configurable clinician settings and remote access to essential information, scheduling, charting and compensation reporting, Clinic Ace redefines the relationship between businesses and clinicians. We provide real time treatment, goal, product and compensation reporting.

    Our goal is unity, bringing teams together with one simple, informative product that maximizes results to make working together easier than ever. With instant access to all essential information, Clinic Ace is always there for you when you need it.

  • Through configurable, automated process management and documentation, Clinic Ace organizes, tracks accountability and brings front desk staff together to increase patient care.

    With individual task management and easy to use training applications, Clinic Ace enhances your front desk overall efficiency, accountability and patient care. With operational efficiency powered by Clinic Ace, your staff will have the ability to focus on what truly drives your business – ongoing patient care.

  • Using applications such as digital treatment recording and in-session videography and photography applications, Clinic Ace is focused on enhancing patient experience. Whether you’re emailing treatment notes or providing recommendations, comments or exercise plans, Clinic Ace puts automated patient care in your control.

    Clinic Ace allows clinics to automate documentation, enhance communication, increase patient care and bridge the gap between patient expectations, available resources and clinic management.

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Securely Manage Information In One Place

Whether you’re managing one location or several, Clinic Ace is always working, calculating and providing you with up to date, real time information about your clinic. Our secure HIPAA compliant software provides you with the peace of mind of knowing you can securely access any information remotely, providing your staff or contractors with the ability to complete their work whether onsite or offsite. With one button shutdown privileges and transparent individual secure login tracking, you’ll know your clinic is being managed properly.

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Seamless Sync Across All Devices

Unlike traditional clinic based software, Clinic Ace is always working to help ensure your team is on the same page with all aspects of the business that their security access grants them privilege to see. Whether staff book an appointment from the front desk, from their cell phone while taking a call or a contractor books an event from their tablet while waiting on a patient, the information will be updated on all devices immediately.

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Additional Features Unique To Clinic Ace

The unique tile based design of Clinic Ace maintains security for staff, contractors and patients with ease. Our software gives our clients the ability to turn on and off functionality for staff based on their needs, ensuring that each individual accessing the software only sees what they need to see to do their job. While this is a great security feature, it’s also an efficiency application as individuals accessing the software never feel overwhelmed or have to go looking for information. Everything they need will be in the tile that represents their position, accessible in the order in which they need to do their job.

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Security & Profile Management

Clinic Ace data is encrypted, ensuring proper management and security of patient data entered into the software. In addition, Clinic Ace also allows our clients to set their own security settings for staff, contractors and patients which is easily revocable. Each individual accessing the software is provided with a profile which tracks all HR documents and internal workings of the software related to that individual. Our secure archive functionality ensures no clinic will ever need to worry about information going missing, as all patient, staff and contractor information is stored in one convenient and secure location.

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Available on all devices

With Clinic Ace there's no program to install on your computer, no need for ongoing IT Support and no need to have specific computers or devices to manage your clinic. Clinic Ace is a secure, web based platform designed to work on all devices able to access the internet.

All Platforms

Simple, Intuitive Design

Amazing Attention to Detail

Clinic Ace was developed in collaboration with clinicians who were struggling with the current solutions available. While many solutions offered the robust ability to be accessible anywhere; the problem was that the software still worked the same as older solutions, making it challenging to use for staff, and not providing reporting and efficiency based applications or configuration. The goal of Clinic Ace is to ensure that the clinic, staff, clinician, various services and patient care processes are clearly identified, followed and executed on.

We’ve combined the individual tools needed to make your clinic successful with strategic processes that are proven to work, to create one piece of software to get your entire business working together towards the same goal – success!

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Customizable Processes & Applications

Robust to the Core

Understanding that priorities, focuses, processes and overall demands from every clinic can be different, Clinic Ace was built so that our clients could customize the software themselves. Using the configuration tools in Clinic Ace you will be able to customize fields, turn on and off programs, explore various processes and apply changes that affect the user groups and individual users you create. With simple step by step instructions and support, Clinic Ace will walk you through various efficiency applications and let you chose which ones are important. This allows your clinic to work the way you want it to, not the way we tell you it should.

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Quality Products & Support

Support Tailored to You

Clinic Ace supports a large variety of clients, from those who are technologically savvy who want to configure our software, to those who need start to finish help to get the software loaded and staff trained correctly the first time. With a dedicated team constantly evolving our applications to better perform, we’re here to support you at whatever level you need.

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  • Appointment reminders that sync directly with your patient’s schedules and provide one click location navigation, social media syncing, referral programs and much more.

    Clinic Ace provides reminder services that communicate two ways, alerting the patient through customizable alerts and automated confirmation alerts that update Clinic Ace automatically.

  • Automate your clinic intake forms by allowing patients to complete required forms before their appointment. This feature provides easy access to required information and securely logs all data to each patient’s profile.

    We provide clinics with the ability to build, email and add form links to reminders. Automating forms and getting information from patients before appointments saves money, while also allowing clinicians to better prepare for appointments. This ensures front line staff can focus entirely on patient care right from point of entry.

  • Clinic Ace Point of Sale (POS) solutions help manage inventory and services accurately, ensuring payment terms are delivered on and all sales are properly tracked.

    From inventory sales to service sales, our full solution includes email enabled receipts, min bin alerts so inventory never falls short and real time reporting for management.

  • Clinic Ace records all activity, including call logging, call backs, patient visits and missed or cancelled appointments. Clinic Ace sees, alerts and monitors to provide seamless, real time reporting.

    Unlike other clinic software, Clinic Ace doesn’t just report and track process areas; it alerts and encourages positive outcomes. Clinic Ace is the first accountability software that actually pushes staff to be successful by encouraging positive action all day long.

  • Clinic Ace isn’t just a tool for front line staff; it’s a tool for the whole office. Clinic Ace seamlessly connects scheduling to any device, providing practitioners with prep schedules and access as needed to ensure patient care.

    Through Clinic Ace goal planning and scheduling, practitioners can track and monitor their progress and target achievements. Never lose track of an appointment, goal or miss details again.

  • Whether you’re a practitioner who prefers to handwrite treatments then type them in, handwrite treatments and upload images of your work or type directly into Clinic Ace, we sort, organize and catalog all events for you. Clinic Ace maximizes treatment plans by providing customizable templates that allow your practitioners to efficiently complete their treatment plans from anywhere.

    Along with digital treatments, Clinic Ace has developed an integrated application for the logging and monitoring of treatment plans. Devising a treatment plan is simple; monitoring and ensuring that the right appointments are booked is the difficult part. Clinic Ace provides a full solution that tracks and monitors all outlined treatment plans provided by practitioners.

  • We understand the value of every contact, whether recall, follow up, rebook or new contact. With Clinic Ace, leads don’t get forgotten or go missing, and follow up calls are always tracked, allowing your business to make the most of every call.

    Clinic Ace ensures all block bookings are sent for actioning, follow-up calls are assigned, calls are logged and responses indicate next steps so that nothing gets missed.

  • Clinic Ace remotely updates information in real time, ensuring that you have access to your business no matter where you are. Whether you’re checking in on treatment schedules, updating treatments or researching your next appointments, Clinic Ace is always ready for you.

    Your clinic reporting and software security is always assured. Implementing a sync based application not only ensures that all tasks are being executed; but optimizes your clinic’s performance.

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Service Packages

monthly billing starting as low as $99 per month

With Clinic Ace there’s no program to install on your computer, no need for ongoing IT Support and no need to have specific computers or devices to manage your clinic. Clinic Ace is a secure, web based platform designed to work on all devices able to access the internet.

  • Physical Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage Therapists
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Supportive Roommate Care
  • Psychologists
  • Support Agencies
  • Naturopaths

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